Hello and welcome to the online presence of Anthony Neil Dart a Multi disciplinary designer & Graphic Artist originally from South Africa — currently living in Seattle WA, as a Snr Product Designer for Microsoft Corporation crafting human centered products & experiences that empower all. I was born in South Africa and grew up obsessed with skateboarding and art, It was skateboarding that taught me creative discipline and rigor through grit and iteration, a D.I.Y mentality and the importance of always pushing forward that growth mindset and creative voice of self expression. My passions lie in typography, music, illustration & collage, product design, Motion Design, Film, 3D and image making. 

I studied photography and printmaking yet was immediately drawn to the computer as a construct to indulge my proclivity toward expressive control. After spending a phew years working at some great agencies and post production companies I started a small multi-disciplinary studio in 2002 called www.ontwerp.tv where i spent the most part of decade creating meaningful, memorable inventive work for clients in South Africa and abroad focusing on branding and identity, Typography, Illustration, Sound design, Product design, Motion graphics and visual effects work for some of the worlds leading brands including: Ford, Audi, Samusung, Edgars, Peugeot, Ericsson, Toyota, SABC, Discovery, MTV, Boardmans to name a phew. My work has been internationally recognized in various publications, press and media. 

Get inside my head or a sense of my point of view and what interests me: Pinterest.com/anthonyneildart/
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